Wednesday, December 23, 2009


By Keyvon Pierre

I recently saw 2012. And by golly it was one of the best films of the year. I love disaster flicks and Roland Emmerich, the mind behind Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, serves up another look into our short future. There was everything you could want, including one of the most ridiculous action scenes ever. No seriously, this movie makes John Cusack's scenes in Con-Air seem like documentary footage.

But what makes 2012 a real disaster movie is that the President is black. I love Obama and Election Day 2008 was one of the greatest days of my life, but whenever the president is played by a black actor you know the end of the world is near. And of course in 2012 Mr. Danny Glover portrays our fearless leader. Now I have to ask the very important question... "Did they hire Danny Glover before or after Obama won?" The obvious answer is of course they hired him after. But that wasn't until November '08. Are you telling me they didn't cast this huge blockbuster until 11 months before it's release? The time table is just too close to determine. But if you haven't noticed, whenever there is a black president in film or TV it spells the end of the world.

Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact

Tiny Lister in The Fifth Element

Dennis Haysbert in "24"

And honestly Barack Obama in real life.

I also saw the amazing film The Road recently. It is very similar to 2012, a post-apocalyptic thriller where a father has to save his family from inevitable doom - minus the special effects and huge budget. The beginning of the movie, when the apocalypse starts, seems to take place in modern day, where Obama would have been our president. Just saying.

But back to 2012: The movie was unbelievably entertaining. At over 2 and a half hours it kept moving. And there were scenes that were beyond unbelievable. It felt like a James Cameron movie. The last third you're wondering what could they possibly do next. It is a great popcorn movie, and at Popcorn Junkies we love our popcorn!

Grade: A-

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