Friday, November 27, 2009


By Leslie Adams

Hopefully everyone realizes that Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox opened in theaters last week. I like to go see what I think will be the best movie of the week before anyones else does, because I hate when people tell me about the movie before I get a chance to see it for myself. That's how I treated this movie, except I did see the review on "At the Movies" with whoever the hell is on there now. Like them, I am pleased to report the movie was worth my time, and money.

Finally an animated full length feature film for adults. That was definitely an attraction for me. I don't think most children would appreciate the imaginative stop-motion animation or the colorful, offbeat story. And sure enough on Thanksgiving evening, on the cool and beautiful Santa Monica Promenade, there was not a single child in the theater. Which is a good thing because the subject matter was mostly adult situations.

You've heard the story before. Girl (Meryl Streep) meets bad boy (George Clooney), bad boy promises that if girl marries him, no more bad boy. Then, for the rest of his life he's sneaking around, until what's been done in the dark comes to light. Then there's the dysfunctional family, where the son (Jason Schwartzman) can never possibly live up to Dad's reputation of being the best athlete in his school's history, and when his over-achieving cousin comes to live with the family it only makes matters worse.

There's also a great supporting cast of critters headlined by Wes Anderson regulars Bill Murray and Owen Wilson. It's a movie that parallels all of our lives in some way and is fun to witness through this type of story telling and animation. It's a great date movie or a great movie to see if you just need to get out the house.